Saturday, September 19, 2009

MMOData Charts version 2.0 Live !

Hey all,

MMOData Charts version 2.0 is live !

Most notable changes are the upgrade from excel 2003 to 2007, a cosmetic overhaul, an adjustment of the Aion numbers and new numbers for EQ, EQII and WAR.

Because of these new numbers, WAR drops out of the top 10 and EQII gets back in.

I estimated Aion Asia numbers on 2,5m as NCSoft does not want to confirm the 3,5m and they do not release subscription numbers anymore in their quarterly reports.

Version 1.9 - 2.0 notes :

- Upgraded from Excel 2003 to 2007.
- Made a cosmetic overhaul.
- Added and revised Aion datapoints.
- Added datapoint for AoC.
- Added and revised datapoints for WAR.
- Added datapoints for EQ and EQII.
- Resorted the MMO's to reflect the new situation in the TOP10 and Market Share.
- Revised the color coding and marker shape of all mmo's.
- Represented WoW seperatly in the MMOG subscriptions market share by genre.
- Added a decimal in the market share sheet.
- Added abbreviations list to the Source Links
- Continued to clean up the Source Links.
- Revised and/or reconfirmed accuracy ratings for AoC, Aion, WAR, WoW, EQ and EQII.
- Added Ragnarok Online Asia , World of Legend Asia and Mu Online Asia to the Source Links.
- Made various internal changes.


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