Saturday, May 28, 2011

MMOData Charts version 3.3 is Live ! is still running in maintenance mode.

Most important updates are,

The addition of Perpetuum to the charts. A relative new and small MMORPG. After the initial hype their subs dropped substantially, however it seems that they are slowly curving up now. I wish them all the best with their sandbox Sci-Fi mmorpg as there are only few of them.

EVE Online, that other sandbox Sci-Fi game is doing great again. After it's biggest growth month over month in Juli 2010, it had a little dip during September - November 2010, but now they are growing again. And it looks like a small but sustainable growth, it had 358k in Januari 2011 and 364k in May ( which is higher than the 361k in Juli and thus it's highest number yet ).

Version 3.3 notes :

General Changes :

- Added the MMORPG Perpetuum.
- Added Perpetuum datapoints.
- Added Eve Online datapoints.
- Revised the MMORPG definition, changed server into shard.
- Revised the "About" section.
- Added "Become a contributor" section.
- Revised chart titels : changed MMOG into MMORPG.
- Added Avatar Creations ( Perpetuum ) to contributors.
- Expanded charts to June 2011.
- Made some cosmetic changes.

Internal Changes :

- Re-added the Market share chart, internal only.
- Expanded the Market share chart.
- Added disclaimer on market share chart.
- Added various information.

Monday, May 9, 2011

EVE Online reaches a new high !

With 364875 active paying subscriptions in March 2011, CCP curbed the downward trend into a new high. The previous high was in Juli 2010 with 361389 subs, so now CCP has an increase of almost 3000 subs.

They had a dip in between the two records, which was to be expected as their previous high was the biggest growth they ever achieved month over month. Their current high looks alot more stable as they had 357918 subs in Februari 2011.

So it seems they are back, growing slowly but steadily, as they have the past 8 years ( Oh yeah, happy birthday EVE Online :p ).

Their latest expansion, Incursion, is also generally better received by the playerbase than the previous, Tyrannis and it seems CCP is listening more to the players now than ever.

Thanks to CCP for providing me with numbers ( even if they are not good at times ).

New version in the works

Hello everyone,

I finally found some spare time to work on the charts again. So stay tuned :p

See you soon.