Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MMOData Charts v3.9 in the works

Just letting you know I am working on it :)

Here a few teasers :

I just got the Q4 quarterly report from EA, and they report 1,3m subs, so I will add this. My latest estimate of 1,41m subs was pretty generous, however I always try to be conservative in my estimates, whether they are downward or upward.

What it does show me is that the Xfire numbers are a good indication to base estimates off, purely based on Xfire I would have estimated 1,2m.

CCP has send me new EVE numbers, they look good, 361k subs, so they can celebrate their 9th anniversary knowing they are back on the rise.

I also added various other datapoints and some improvements to the site, like a twitter follow link.

So expect v3.9 soon.