Sunday, December 29, 2013

Links to the archives

Hey all

When the site shuts down you will still be able to access the site using following links :

- The archive :
- The blogspot :


Ibe Van Geel

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Version 4.1 thoughts and comments

Hey all

Well I have some good but mostly bad news for anyone who liked and followed

v4.1 will be the final version of, and will close down on June 2014.
That's right I am closing shop.

The biggest reason is that it is getting increasingly difficult to get any useful numbers. Also many of the subscription based MMORPG's went free to play, and their companies tend to not give out useful active accounts numbers.

As for the only growing subscription based MMORPG left, EVE Online, I no longer receive subscription numbers. CCP no longer responds to my requests.
It is a shame really, I doubt that their numbers are declining, but I lost a bit of confidence in CCP, I hope they will give out useful numbers to the public on a consistent basis.

A bit of better news for some of you, because I am closing down the site in 6 months, I will make the complete excel of the MMOData charts available for download. This includes the exact datapoints and their sources or estimate information.

Well that's it, I hope most of you enjoyed the MMOData charts, and perhaps someone will pick up where I left off.


Ibe Van Geel

MMOData Charts version 4.1 is Live !

Version 4.1 notes :

General Changes :

- Added World of Warcraft Sub datapoint.
- Added Second Life PCU datapoint.
- Removed questionable Runescape Sub datapoints.
- Added closure date of Warhammer Online.
- Corrected closure date of Shadowbane.

Internal Changes :

- Made source en estimate notes better understandable and more structured.
- Cleaned up obsolete data.

If the charts do not update for you try the following :

- Right click on the link of the chart with your mouse and open it in a new window or in a new tab.
- Refresh/Reload ( F5 ) the page.
- Now you should see the correct version number 4.1 in the bottom right corner of the chart.
- Once you have reloaded 1 chart, all the others should be updated as well.