Sunday, November 1, 2009

MMOData Charts version 2.3 Live !

Hey all,

MMOData Charts version 2.3 is live !

Version 2.1-2.3 notes :

- Majorly revised datapoints for Dofus.
- Added datapoints for EVE Online ( both PCU and Subs )
- Removed some datapoints for EVE Online to make the chart less cluttered.
- Added datapoint for SWG.
- Revised / Added datapoints for Aion.
- Added datapoint for DAoC.
- Slightly revised estimated datapoint for WAR.
- Removed a datapoint for Everquest that looked like an anomaly.
- Revised / Added datapoints for Ultima Online.
- Removed some datapoints for Ultima Online to make the chart less cluttered.
- Revised datapoint for FFXI
- Added datapoint for Pirates of the Burning Sea
- Added PCU datapoint for Dofus
- Added PCU datapoints for Fantasy Westward Journey
- Removed incorrect PCU datapoint for Zhengtu
- Rearranged the mmo's and charts, charts are now : 1m-12m, 150k-1m, 40k-150k, 0-40k.
- Expanded the PCU chart to 2,6m to accomodate Fantasy Westward Journey.
- Removed Dungeon Fighter Online from because it was not in line with the MMO definition.
- Revised accuracy ratings for : PotBS, SWG and Dofus.
- Moved the Source links into comments to datapoints in the excel and cleaned them up, for now the source links will no longer be public until I have time to put them back.
- Renamed Accuracy Rating and Source Links into MMO and Accuracy List.
- Added MMOG Contribution chart.
- Removed Top10 chart, this may return again later.
- Renamed PCU : Single Cluster Servers into PCU : Largest Shards.
- Placed "" and version number on the charts.
- Replaced macros with build-in functions ( internal ).
- Changed the look of the datapoints on the charts.
- Moved away from uniform colors across charts.
- Made various other cosmetic changes.
- Made various other internal changes.

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