Monday, April 26, 2010

MMOData charts v2.8 expected release date

Update : I won't be able to make the deadline, next ETA is 16/05/2010

Hey all,

Just to let you know that I am alive and busy on the next release of the MMOData charts v2.8

I hope to have it ready and released by 09/05/2010

Most important news is of course the decline of WoW, while this is old news by now, you will finally be able to see the decline on the charts.

I made some new rules for admittance on the site, one of them being that an mmo needs at least 2 usable datapoints, mmo's with only 1 datapoint have been removed ( until I someday get 2 or more ).

Finally I have added a bunch of new mmo's, mostly Asian PCU's.

It is a work in progress and more changes and updates may be made, if anyone has any interesting numbers, feel free to mail me at


  1. Have you tried to contact Regnum Online devs?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff!