Sunday, May 16, 2010

MMOData Charts version 2.8 is Live !

A few key changes :

- Finally added the datapoints showing the decline of WoW.

- Added and revised various new datapoints and games.

- Added and revised the requirements to make the charts, also made a definition of "subscribers". You can find this under the "MMO and Accuracy list".

- Because of this revision, some mmo's had to be removed from the charts until some day more and/or better info is available.

Version 2.8 notes :

General Changes :

- Added following MMORPG's to ( Datapoints to the "PCU chart" and ratings to the "MMO and Accuracy list" ) :
Ask Tao, Yu Yan, Tian Long Ba Bu, Fantasy Journey Online, Wu Lin Wai Zhuan, The First Myth, Zhen Feng Shen.
- Added subscription datapoints for following games :
World of Warcraft, Dofus, Final Fantasy XI, Warhammer Online
- Added PCU datapoints for following games :
Yulgang, Zengthu Online, Shou Xue Fei Teng, Fantasy Westward Journey, Giant Online, Dofus, EuDemons, Shaiya, Westward Journey Online II, World of Warcraft.
- Revised subscription datapoints for following games :
- Revised PCU datapoints for following games :
Fantasy Westward Journey, Zengthu Online, Westward Journey Online II, World of Warcraft, Eudemons.
- Updated the "Total MMOG active subscriptions" chart.
- Reclassified MMO's between the 0-500k PCU and 500k-3m PCU chart.
- Added following requirements to the "MMO and Accuracy list" :
B. Need to have at least 2 good datapoints.
C. PCU datapoints validity.
D. Subscriber Definition.
- Added translated, native and previous ( old ) names to some MMO's on the "MMO and Accuracy list".
- Moved following mmorpg's from the public charts to internal only charts because only 1 datapoint is available :
Wen Dao, Soul of the Ultimate nation, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Sphere.
- Revised the "MMO and Accuracy list".
- Expanded most charts to June 2010.
- Made various cosmetic changes to the PCU and Subscription charts.
- Revised the Glossary.

Internal Changes :

- Added FFXI PCU datapoint
- Expanded most sheets to may 2010
- Added following mmorpg's to the MMOData charts internal only because they do not yet meet status or datapoint requirements :
Zhengtu Online Green, Heroic Island, Journey to the west, Shu Men Online, Tian Xia II, Legend of Stardust, Zhu Hou Online, Westward Journey Wai Zhuan, Concerto Gate II, Zhengtu Online Classic, Dragon Knight, Yi Tian Jian Yu Tu Long Dao, Hero Online II, Fire Narrows, Tian Ji Online, Cabal Online, Uncharted Waters Online, Feng Yun Online, Age of Armor, Magic World online, DOL Online, Cronous, Tian Shi Zhi Lian Online, HX 2 Online, Neo Steam, Da Tang Feng Yun, King of Kings 2, Archlord, Datang, Fate of Dragon Online, Dekaron, Shaolin Online, QQ Fantasy, Seal Online, World of Qin, Sanguo Heroes Online, Blade Online, Sheng Xiao Chuan Shuo, World of Kungfu, Zhu Xian Online, Perfect World II, Voyage Century
- Added various source and informational links.
- Added datapoints for Second Life.
- Fixed some CAS errors.
- Made Various other internal changes.

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