Saturday, December 25, 2010

MMOData Charts version 3.2 is Live !

The MMOData Charts are currently running in maintenance mode.

This means that I will add all official datapoints that I receive from the stakeholders ( Devs, Publishers, ... ) directly. On top of that I will add datapoints that are easily verified ( for example the official Blizzard press releases ). And datapoints that are send to me by mail from one of the fans, if this includes the source and easely usable datapoints.

What I will not do anymore ( for now ) is make estimates, derivations, heavy research to find new sources and datapoints, etc. Because these things take too much time.

This will also result in data that is even more accurate ( will do only accuracy A and B ) and the mmo's that do not get updated are probably not doing great ( otherwise they would boast about it ).

Version 3.2 notes :

General Changes :

- Added subscription datapoints for following MMO's :
EVE Online, World of Warcraft.
- Added PCU datapoints for following mmo's :
Second Life
- Added the Masthead to the frontpage.
- Rearranged the frontpage.

Internal Changes :

- Added Source links for following mmo's :
EVE Online, Second Life, World of Warcraft, Vanguard.


  1. First, nice job you doing.
    Second, I have a question about wow, how is it possible for them to have 12kk subscribers but only sold 12kk copies of the original game?

  2. There are various explanations for that.

    First of all, in Asia, players don't buy the boxed game most of the time, they only pay a sub or pay per time unit in an internet café.

    Secondly, I doubt that Blizzard direct sales ( direct download ) are counted in these charts, I assume only regular box sales are counted. That would also explain the low number of Cataclysm sales on VGchart, because Blizzard sold 3.3 mill of Cata in their first 24 hours.

    Finally, they use the term EMEAA, throwing the largest chunk of the customers ( Europe, China, Taiwan, ... ) all in one number, I wonder if they have accurate figures for these.

    Either way I trust the WoW number, when you check the number of servers and the amount of people playing on it, it looks correct.

  3. Hello, thank you for the work!

    My question is about LOTRO and if there might be updated numbers on it soon.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hey,

    I am Cyberwiz, I had to make a masthead on the frontpage that included my real name, so I could get access to various game fairs and information.

    Ibe aka Cyberwiz.

  5. About LOTRO, with the game becomming microtransaction based, I think it will no longer get any updates due to several issues with that :
    1. I am currently running in maintenance mode ( because I have alot of personal things going on atm ) so I do not want to make estimates nor use second handed information ( that I would then have to check ).
    2. Even if I would want to make an estimate, it would be nearly impossible to make the numbers fit the subscription model ( as it is microtransaction based now ), unless the publisher or developper would give the appropriate numbers to me.
    3. The LOTRO stakeholders ( publisher, devs, etc ) are very reluctant to give any usefull numbers that I could use.

    So to sum it up, I can't make an estimate anymore even if I wanted and the publishers/devs won't give me anything.

    Ibe aka Cyberwiz.

  6. Just dropping by to thank you for the good work. I sometimes feel like this blog isn't getting the publicity it deserves.

    But I can assure you that you are an invaluable ressource for many people.

  7. You should start tracking RIFT, it's really taking off. They posted 1mil subs hit, and they haven't even released yet.