Monday, May 9, 2011

EVE Online reaches a new high !

With 364875 active paying subscriptions in March 2011, CCP curbed the downward trend into a new high. The previous high was in Juli 2010 with 361389 subs, so now CCP has an increase of almost 3000 subs.

They had a dip in between the two records, which was to be expected as their previous high was the biggest growth they ever achieved month over month. Their current high looks alot more stable as they had 357918 subs in Februari 2011.

So it seems they are back, growing slowly but steadily, as they have the past 8 years ( Oh yeah, happy birthday EVE Online :p ).

Their latest expansion, Incursion, is also generally better received by the playerbase than the previous, Tyrannis and it seems CCP is listening more to the players now than ever.

Thanks to CCP for providing me with numbers ( even if they are not good at times ).


  1. First I will say I love your site and all you do to put this information out. However I must say your endless promotion for eve online bothers me to say the least.

    You think Incursion is popular amongst the players? Really? Talk to anyone in nullsec and they will tell you different.

    As for subs its highly dependent on other factors that ccp won't bother to tell you. For one as people play the game they take on more and more alts with wich accounts for a fair chunk of the player base. But the biggest factor at the moment is the HUGE war between the drone russians and the northern coalition. There are several people resubbing for the pvp that havent played in a year or more.

    I hate to be so negative but I just want accurate reports with no bias. Don't believe everything your told. I'm just curious if ccp gives you information whenever you ask for it or just when its convenient for them.

  2. Hey there,

    I said that Incursions as a package is better received than Tyrannis was : more fixes, more improvements. Including alot of performance improvements that make those 0.0 battles possible, not perfect yet by a long shot, but improvements nonetheless. Also nice little shinies like the Caracter Creator, that regular Joe likes, etc.

    The only thing I receive from CCP are their numbers, everything else is from my own experience and from reading forums etc.

    The fact that CCP discarded their plans to allow remaps for plex is proof that they listen to their playerbase, I have never seen any mmorpg company listen to their players like that. If SOE had ever listened to their players like that, SWG would still be a sandbox and people would still love it.

    I receive their numbers on a regular basis, and that includes when they are down. As you can see on the charts, they had a rather large decline since their previous high in Juli, up to November, after which they slowly went back up in numbers. There is no mmorpg company left that give me straight and honest numbers like that ( except some smaller companies ).

    Plus the NC-DRF war had a real breakthrough only last month and this month, the best numbers were in March, so those 2 are not exclusively related, sure it has an impact, but expansions tend to have a lot more immediate and direct impact than 0.0 wars, as the numbers show us.

    And for the record, I am currently playing World of Warcraft and not EVE Online ( I will probably resub with Captain's Quarters :) ).