Sunday, June 26, 2011

MMOData Charts version 3.4 is Live !

Hey all,

With me having more time to spare, I pulled MMOData from maintenance mode and went back to full throttle.

Most important change for the future is the addition of Active Accounts, which will allow me to list more MMORPG's overall. From now on, all MMORPG's will be marked as AA ( Active Acounts ) or SS ( Subscriptions ), so it is easy to see the difference. Clearly Subscriptions are more important but it is interesting to see Active Accounts as well I believe.

Most interesting additions right now are of course the newly released Rift and the decline of WoW. I received a usable datapoint for Rift right before the deadline so there you go.

WoW going from 12 million to 11,4 million is to me a result of making the game to easy to max level. You can't even experience all the content because you level out of the areas way before you have seen it all. Same goes for instance queueing, and god forbid you want to do instances AND quests ... it is a shame really, because the game has improved content wise imho.

Second Life makes a serious entrance in the Active Accounts department, I also got back on track with the PCU datapoints for Second Life, thanks to Dwell On It.

Version 3.4 notes :

General Changes :

- Migrated the Subscription charts to Subscriptions and Active Accounts charts. Each MMORPG received a tag ( AA = Active Accounts or SS = Subscriptions ).
- Added Rift to the charts.
- Added Subscription and/or Active Account datapoints for Wow, Aion, LOTRO, Second life, EVE Online and Rift.
- Added a Subscription datapoint for WoW East and West for January 2009 using the previous ratio, this was needed because otherwise it made it look incorrect on the charts, East and West seemed to increase while Global went down. In reality there was nothing wrong, it just seemed that way because Global had more datapoints.
- Removed the Chinese downtime datapoint for WoW on the 1m to 12m chart. The WoW specific chart still shows the Chinese downtime datapoint for reference.
- Added PCU datapoints for Second life.
- Made some revisions to following Subscription and/or Active Account datapoints : AoC, Aion, LOTRO, WAR, DDO
- Removed the Second Life subscription datapoints as they were quite old and no new data was available. This has been replaced with MUURL numbers ( Monthly Unique User Repeat Logins ) and therefore Second Life datapoints are now marked as Active Accounts.
- Moved Second Life from the 50k - 150k chart to NR 1 in the 150k - 1m chart.
- Moved Lord of the Rings Online up to NR 4 in the 150k - 1m chart.
- Removed a Perpetuum datapoint for better visibility.
- Changed the Accuracy Rating system : removed the D rating and adjusted the C rating. Revised the MMORPG ratings accordingly.
- Made some adjustments to the "Requirements for MMO's to be allowed on the site and charts" section under the "Accuracy Rating and Requirements".
- Made some cosmetic changes to the site.
- Added Dwell on it to contributers.

Internal Changes :

- Added a lot of source data.
- Removed unusable source data.
- Removed unusable Second Life data.
- Fixed several internal errors.
- Removed market share chart.
- Added EVE Online Active Accounts in addition to Subscriptions. Active Accounts include the Trial Accounts.