Sunday, June 19, 2011

New version 3.4 will be released soon!

Version 3.4 is pretty much ready.

I am waiting on a few numbers for confirmation and will revise the whole thing during this week.

It has become a more beefy upgrade, now that I have some more time to spare. So you guessed it, MMOData is now officially off "Maintenance mode" and back in full throttle.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect in v3.4 :

- A new WoW datapoint : 11,4m, showing a substantial decline( comming from 12m ). I do not expect WoW to recover this time, unless some drastic but well thought out changes are made.

- For the first time, I am introducing Active Accounts to the charts. Each MMORPG will receive a tag ( AA = Active Accounts or SS = Subscriptions ). So it is clear what the datapoints represent.
Because of this, I was able to add new Active Account datapoints for LOTRO and Second Life.

- I made some adjustments to the "Requirements for MMO's to be allowed on the site and charts" section under the "Accuracy Rating and Requirements", mostly to accomodate the introduction of Active Accounts.

- I changed the Accuracy Rating system : removed the D rating and adjusted the C rating and revised the MMORPG ratings accordingly. This will make it a bit easier for me to choose which rating an MMORPG will get and it will be more accurate because of this. It will also be more clear for you, the readers.

- Added alot of internal information and datapoints, that will most likely result in more numbers for next version (3.5).

The Active Accounts introduction as wel as catching up with the latest in MMORPG land was a bit of work, but I am back up to speed now.

I do have to dissapoint the many people who requested Rift to be added, I really want too, but I just don't have enough information. So if anyone has more information regarding Rift that might help put it on the charts, that would be very welcome.

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  1. Rift is a hard nut to crack.
    If it helps: they aimed at 1500 players per server

    And this is the servers they have and how full they are. They have 58 NA servers and 41 EU servers. Makes 99 servers.
    That makes a maximum of 150k concurrent players.

    Another approach is to count their accounts (including the free ones). It just got over 2 mio. (source)

    Thanks for going back to full throttle ;)