Sunday, October 9, 2011

MMOData Charts version 3.5 is Live !

Hey all,

This is only a small update, and way later than it should have been, nonetheless, here it is.

Most interesting is that EVE is holding on to it's subs, at least up to July 2011, altho the PCU is dropping. We will have to wait and see if the PCU drop is only due to the summer holidays or if there is a more structural problem with subscriptions.

Meanwhile CCP is working hard to get the veterans back on board :
a letter to the followers of eve
eve updating - winter expansion 2011

Moving on to World of Warcraft, Blizzard can not curb the downard trend it started in May and hits a new low at 11,1m subs, however if this trend continues, WoW will live on for a good while.

Actually, I think both EVE and WoW are still one of the more alive MMORPG's on the market, and with the right adjustments they can have a bright future.

Version 3.5 notes :

General Changes :

- Added subscription datapoints for :
Eve Online, World of Warcraft
- Added following MMORPG's to the PCU 0-500k chart :
Tera Korea, ZT Online II
- Added PCU datapoints for :
Eve online, Second Life, Westward Journey Online II, World of Warcraft
- Expanded charts, sheets and formulas to December 2011

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