Monday, February 20, 2012

MMOData Charts version 3.6 is Live !

Version 3.6 notes :

General Changes :

- Added SWTOR to the 1m+ subscription chart.
- Removed WoW Global from the PCU chart and replaced it with WoW East and WoW West.
- Removed the WoW chart ( there is not enough information to have seperate listings for WoW NA and WoW EU ).
- Added WoW West and WoW East to the 1m+ chart.
- Added subscription / active account datapoints for WoW, EVE, SWTOR, WoW East and WoW West, Rift, LOTRO, Aion, SWG.
- Downgraded Rift accuracy rating from B to C.
- Added PCU datapoints for EVE, Second Life.
- Expanded sheets and charts to March 2012.
- Updated the Total Subs chart.
- Lowered the rank of Rift on the charts, it was higher ranked than it should have been. ( Rank on the list is determined by peak subscriptions of all time ).
- Added various entries to the Glossary.
- Made several small cosmetic changes to the site.

Internal Changes :

- Added various sources and information as notes in the dataset.
- Merged EVE, SL and WoW sheets into Subs and PCU sheets, simplifying the overall dataset.
- Removed market share dataview.
- Improved Checks and Sums.


  1. I think there is a mistake in the graph. The World of Warcraft Global Amount in 2009 don't fits the amounts of WoW West and WoW East.

  2. That is correct, it is intentional.

    The datapoint when the service outage in China happened ( WoW East )in 2009 is not used in the global number.

    So in effect the WoW East datapoints are more detailed ( in this case 1 extra datapoint ) than the global and western datapoints.

    I did this to show people the outage in China, but at the same time I believe this outage of political and technical nature, should not be included in the overall global picture.

    In case you are unfamiliar with what happened, the Chinese WoW servers were brought down to facilitate a provider change ( from The9 to Netease ) and when ready to get back online, Chinese governmental agencies did not approve the relaunch. Netease had to adjust content and in the end, WoW China relaunched around a month later.

  3. Where did you get the WoW West subscription data?
    WoW accuracy rating marked as A, but there is no any official info about regional subscription.
    This chart seems to be quite questionable.
    We don't see any significant drop in WoW West fansite popularity.

  4. JS,

    A mistake was made here in the WoW East / WoW West estimate, the percentages should be closer together.

    Besides that, WoW West and WoW East are not graded seperatly, it is a good idea to start with this.

    Last official information I had was a 55% East - 45% West split. After which a balance shift is noticed looking at third party sources, however the current percentage is not correct and will be rectified.

    I will try to make a new version asap.

  5. JS,

    I would like to add another thing tho, the overall subscriptions have dropped significantly, and this drop is not only on the account of WoW East.

    So saying that there has been no significant drop in Western subs can not be correct.

  6. CCP issued a press release on the 22nd for their latest partnership in China with TianCity in which they are now claiming over 400,000 accounts.

  7. That should be about right, however that is 400,000 active accounts, meaning including trials.

    I don't like it when they start doing this, giving out the active account number instead of the subscription number or both or at least distinguish between them.

    I will send CCP a mail about it.

    About the 8 years of growth since release, that is still correct, even tho it was a close call between 2011 and 2012, however the future looks good and I just received positive numbers for EVE, so March is looking good.

    Either way thanks for the info.

  8. Okay I received a mail from CCP explaining the 400k number, they have nearly 400k subs when combining the Global Tranquility server and China Serenity server. If you add Trials on top of that you have around 440k Active Accounts.

    V3.7 will be released this weekend, showing the latest numbers of EVE and I will also make a seperate EVE Global + China AA listing, which will be at 440k as of February 1,2012