Friday, July 10, 2009

MMOData Charts version 1.6 Live !

Version 1.6 notes :

- Revised and/or added datapoints for : WAR, AoC, LOTRO, Second Life
- As a result of the revisions, LOTRO passes WAR and places 1 rank higher
- Researched Xfire data to find trends and have and extra check for current data points
- Reinstated 4 levels of Accuracy Rating instead of 3
- Revised Accuracy Ratings
- Made some cosmetic changes to the Accuracy Ratings page
- Added source links for : WAR, AoC, LOTRO, Aion, Second Life
- Added xfire source links for : WoW, EVE, WAR, LOTRO, Runescape, Dofus, AoC
- Removed internal Second Life chart
- Added missing notes from version 1.0 to 1.5
- Changed PCU Asia chart and PCU Asia sheet into PCU chart and PCU sheet
- Added PCU datapoints for WoW West
- Made some cosmetic changes to the PCU chart
- Added "lastinrow" vba macro to the mmodata excel
- Removed some redundant totals and percentages
- Added some totals and checks to CAS Derivations
- Made various other improvements to the mmodata excel


  1. You list is wrong. WoW doesnt have 11,5 million since June 7th 2009. Their servers have been shut down in China for the lasr 5 weeks and might be shut down for months or even years to come and those 5 million are not paying now so you need to cut it from your list.

  2. Yes, at first I did not want to cut the numbers yet, because they would come back online starting the end of June. But now that the downtime is extended beyond June, and perhaps for 2 more months ( while Chinese authorities re-evalutate the game ), I agree I have to cut it.
    I will do this in my next version, which will be online soon.