Monday, July 13, 2009

MMOData Charts version 1.7 Live !

Hey all,

I made this new version rather fast after the 1.6 release, mostly because the extended downtime for WoW China seems to last longer than expected. Therefore I am putting the WoW China numbers now at 0.

The WoW China downtime already lasts for more than a month now, during this month, no Chinese subscriptions are active. This may last another 2 months or even longer, depending on the Chinese authorities re-evaluating WoW China.

You can check the sources at the Source Links.

Version 1.7 notes :

- Revised WoW Asia datapoints : Due to the extended downtime of WoW China, which is more than a month now, I have put the WoW China numbers for June at 0
- Internal : Moved all WoW comments to the WoW data sheet
- Internal : Moved all Second Life comments to the Second Life data sheet
- Renamed "Accuracy Ratings" into "Accuracy Ratings and Source Links", added a "Source Links" link
- Added and/or Removed some source Links for WoW, Runescape, Zhengtu, LOTRO, WAR
- Added some PCU datatpoints for WoW, Runescape
- Fixed an error in the Current Active Subscriber sheet
- Changed the MMOG Active Subscriptions Top 20 into Top 10
- Revised the numbers for LOTRO ( an error was made in the previous estimate )
- Added a new estimate for WAR
- Made various cosmetic changes to the charts
- Started on making the source links better readable, finished AoC
- Changed WoW accuracy rating from A to B ( until I get some better numbers again )


  1. You should also be aware that the recent launch of Aion: Tower of Eternity appears to be soaking up the majority of the WoW players that are at loose ends in China.

    Numbers are rising rapidly. I recommend verifying the extent of this with your sources at NCSoft.

  2. Yea!
    I really wanna see aion actual numbers ^^