Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MMOData Charts version 1.8 Live !

Hey all,

A minor update during low season.

NCSoft Quarterly results are out, the only thing we learn there is that servers substantially increased in China, from 113 to 154, and in Kora from 41 to 43. This reinforces the growth of the game, however there are still no hard numbers in the report, which has me worried. Will this become a trend, or is it because it is low season ... I am going to send them a mail about this.

I restated the WoW China numbers as WoW China is back online and added a new data point from Guinness World Records : 11,6 million at May 2009.

I hope to get more numbers in September and October when everyone is back at work and play :p

Version 1.8 notes :

- Restated WoW china numbers and updated WoW numbers.
- Adjusted the accuracy rating for WoW to A
- Rescaled the CAS Top 10 chart to accomodate the WoW numbers
- Made some cosmetic changes
- Adjusted the accuracy rating for Aion to D
- Added some source links for Aion and WoW
- Made some internal changes

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