Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EVE Online back on track with new PCU record

A few months after the Unholy Rage EVE Online did not only regain it's numbers ( with less bots ) but now once more breaks it's PCU record with 54181 Peak Concurrent Users.

Check the source here : New PCU Record

My personal opinion on this is that, EVE Online is one of the few examples of how an mmorpg should be run :

By slowly but steadily improving all aspects of the game; gameplay, content, graphics, sound ( okay sound still needs a bit more work :p ) , ... and not making old content obsolete but part of the larger picture.

By inclusion, with one server ( not counting China ) where players from all over the world can play together. With no instances, so the players can go to any place they want. With free but obligatory expansions, putting everyone on the same level ( all content is accessible by everyone ) and no short term goals to be able to sell the expansion, as is often the case in other mmo's.

By a reassuring long term vision, so you know your investment in time, money and emotion will be there for years to come and will not be degraded as it was in SWG with the NGE for example. Sure DUST514 scared me a bit, but up until now CCP has yet to dissapoint me, so I'll take a leap of faith.

So I feel EVE Online deserves these growing numbers.

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