Sunday, January 31, 2010

MMOData Charts version 2.7 Live !

Hey all,

A few key changes :

- In previous update I removed the Top 10 chart and now I removed the Market share chart. This because I feel that atm I do not have enough mmo's listed and many mmo's are not up to date to keep the TOP 10 and Market Share charts relevant.
This also means I am less pressured to make an estimate, if the last mmo datapoint is old, it does not matter as much as before, so I can make an estimate when I feel I have enough information.

- I have reviewed all MMO's, estimates and accuracy ratings.

- I divided the PCU chart in 2 charts, similar to the Subscription charts, so it will be less cluttered and more easely readable.

- I have added and revised many datapoints and mmo's, a lot of Q3-09 and Q4-09 info was processed and many charts and sheets were expanded to Januari 2010.

Version 2.4-2.7 notes :

General Changes :

- Added PCU datapoints for EVE Online.
- Added Subscriptions datapoints for EVE Online.
- Added "Giant Online" to the PCU chart.
- Added "Shou Xue Fei Teng" to the PCU chart.
- Added "Conquer Online" to the PCU chart.
- Added "Zero Online" to the PCU chart.
- Added PCU datapoints for WoW.
- Added PCU datapoints for Westward Journey Online II.
- Added PCU datapoints for Fantasy Westward journey.
- Added PCU datapoints for Eudemons.
- Added, Revised and Updated Aion datapoints with the Q3-09 NCSoft report and Conference call findings and other new information.
- Updated WAR estimated datapoint.
- Slightly revised estimated EQ datapoint.
- Added estimated datapoint for AoC, based on the Q3-09 report's financial data.
- Combined WoW China and WoW West PCU datapoints.
- Split PCU chart into 2 charts : 0-500k and 500k-3m.
- Expanded axis to 2010 for some charts.
- Completed Glossary page.
- Removed some MMO links from the frontpage.
- Forwarded to the news page instead of the general page.
- Removed Market Share Chart.
- Removed Contribution Chart.
- Removed WoW from genre chart ( it is now once more included in Fantasy ).
- Reviewed Accuracy ratings.
- Made various other cosmetic changes.

Internal only Changes :

- Expanded all the sheets to Januari 2010.
- Made seperate EVE Online Sheet.
- Moved, added and revised EVE comments, they are now all on the seperate EVE Online sheet.
- Added Monthly PCU, PCU Peak, Monthly Trials, Monthly Subs and Monthly Active players to the EVE Online sheet.
- Revised WoW comments.
- Moved all WoW comments to WoW Sheet.
- Added WoW PCU datapoints to WoW sheet.
- Moved all SL comments to SL Sheet.
- Added datapoints to SL.
- Compared PCU Cluster sheet with SL sheet and added missing datapoints.
- Made various other internal changes.
- Added more source links and information for Aion, LOTRO, EVE Online and some others.


  1. Very Nice, Thanks for your hard work, keep it up :D

  2. My eyes bleed when I read "alot" The correct grammar is "a lot"; please use it!

  3. Thanks for pointing this out, and it is corrected now.