Thursday, July 8, 2010

New EVE numbers and next release of

I just received new numbers from CCP and they look very good, they actually have their biggest increase in active payed subscriptions, month over month, for this month ( Juli 2010 ), since the release of EVE Online.

EVE Online now has 361,389 active paying subscriptions.

EVE is slowly becomming an unreplicated success story in the MMORPG genre. After LOTRO going free to play and even WoW declining in numbers, EVE remains as one of the few, if not the only, premium MMORPG that is still growing.

Realising the biggest increase in subscriptions 7 years after release is something to be proud off, and therefore I congratulate you CCP, for doing this and most importantly for how you did it.

Edit : I just got word from CCP that the increase in subs is due to a reactivation campaign and a $2 Steam offer, so add to that the Tyrannis expansion and that explains the big increase. We will have to wait and see how much they can keep from that, but I have no doubt it will be still more than their last high.

I will release the numbers in v2.9 of the MMOData charts, which I hope will be live on Sunday 18 Juli.


  1. You seem to be on the Eve bandwagon. It's not that great. Think of it like this, a complicated version of wow in space. It seems very deep and complicated on the outside but on the inside it's very shallow and simplistic like wow.

  2. I would also like to add that it is very very unforgiving to new players. You may be able to compete with veteran players in a year if you train your skills right. But your new and you will screw them up so make that a year and a half. All the while your paying $15 a month like everyone else. The game could be great but the developers seem not to understand how the importance of bringing in new players. Yes I know it is growing but a good percentage of the growth is veterans starting new accounts because it is that kind of game.

    Your numbers state over 300k subscribers and I don't doubt it but what you don't understand is there are probably between 75k and 125k people holding those accounts.

  3. I agree, I am a bit biased, but the main reason is because there are little sandbox mmo's around, let alone sandboxes with a realtime based skillsystem and in space.

    You call EVE a complicated version of WoW in space, well ... what can I say ...

    I think there is no mmorpg currently out there that is more different from WoW than EVE, except Second Life, but Second Life is less of a game and more of a Real Life simulation.

    By your logic, all MMORPG's are like WoW.

    I wonder if you ever actually played EVE Online ...

    You say the game is shallow and simplistic on the inside, well you show me an mmorpg with more depth and meaning and I will go try it out right now !

    About the multiple accounts, EVE is not the only mmorpg with multiple accounts, actually most mmorpg's have multiple account holders, including WoW.

    I want to conclude with a Quote from CCP Kieron :
    "Less than 20% of the EVE community have 2 or more subscriptions. The other 80+% are single account users."

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  5. So WOW has a slight decline, it still blows Eve out of the water in terms of subscribers. They aren't even in the same league. Growing or not, Eve isn't gonna come close.

  6. Hehe, that is stating the obvious Jaster :p And anyone who took a look at my charts will know that.

    Still it is nice to sse that a different kind of mmorpg still has a chance to live and grow, even if it is in the shadow of WoW.

  7. I don't think its jumping on the bandwagon to be able to appreciate the growth that Eve has had. They've posted a linear increase in subscribers for 7 years, equal in duration to Everquest before Everquest began its long decline. Judging Eve based on the chart, its looking to now be in a better position than even Star Wars Galaxies. A lot of the games it is eclipsing had much larger budgets and flamed out brilliantly (WH:O, AoC, CoH).

  8. I just want to say thank you to Cyberwiz for these updates. Thank you.

  9. Sorry, still waiting on some new numbers to come in, but I will release a new version this week for sure, even without some of the numbers I hoped for.