Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Tobold questions my WoW numbers ...

And is certain I made them up : Tobold's numeracy, but perhaps he should have done some research first.

And right when I want to make a reply on his blog, he locks it because someone apparently was critisizing it ... mmkay then.

Either way, here are the sources :

Links for 11,5m subs on Jan 10 2010 :

Link for 11,6m subs on may 2009 :

Link for 12m subs on January 2009 :

Link for 11,5m subs on December 2008 :

Furthermore, even tho WoW has been down due to some difficulties in China, it was only down for a month and there were people playing in both June and July ( downtime was from June 7 till the end of July ).
But in July it was closed beta ( free to play ), so I agree technically it was incorrect to not show it on the graphs.
Commercial operation relaunched in Sept 19

I will change my charts on the next update to represent the downtime, so the critics have even less basis to their arguments.

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