Saturday, December 28, 2013

Version 4.1 thoughts and comments

Hey all

Well I have some good but mostly bad news for anyone who liked and followed

v4.1 will be the final version of, and will close down on June 2014.
That's right I am closing shop.

The biggest reason is that it is getting increasingly difficult to get any useful numbers. Also many of the subscription based MMORPG's went free to play, and their companies tend to not give out useful active accounts numbers.

As for the only growing subscription based MMORPG left, EVE Online, I no longer receive subscription numbers. CCP no longer responds to my requests.
It is a shame really, I doubt that their numbers are declining, but I lost a bit of confidence in CCP, I hope they will give out useful numbers to the public on a consistent basis.

A bit of better news for some of you, because I am closing down the site in 6 months, I will make the complete excel of the MMOData charts available for download. This includes the exact datapoints and their sources or estimate information.

Well that's it, I hope most of you enjoyed the MMOData charts, and perhaps someone will pick up where I left off.


Ibe Van Geel


  1. Well, this has been a great resource. Thank you so much for all your work!

  2. Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this over the years. You'll be missed!

  3. Thank you for doing what you could on this nearly impossible and often quite thankless task.

  4. Thanks a lot for doing this as long as you could!

  5. Going to miss this site, been using it for years. Thanks for keeping it going as long as you did.

  6. It's too bad to hear that you are closing... I'm graduating this year and I was hoping to use your data as part of my abstract...
    Anyway, thanks for your incredible work!

  7. Too bad you're closing down. Thanks for all the effort though. It's not surprising that getting reliable info from companies is getting harder and harder. There are so many more games being pumped out, there is way more competition and no company is going to say anything to anyone about how well or how badly they are doing.

    Eve Online is a prime example. They like to talk about accounts and characters because those are big numbers. They encourage mutli-boxing and players having multiple accounts, but they only have about 160,000 actual players. Their daily player counts are dropping ( and so are the daily averages for DUST. That's why they won't give you any numbers. ;)