Saturday, December 28, 2013

MMOData Charts version 4.1 is Live !

Version 4.1 notes :

General Changes :

- Added World of Warcraft Sub datapoint.
- Added Second Life PCU datapoint.
- Removed questionable Runescape Sub datapoints.
- Added closure date of Warhammer Online.
- Corrected closure date of Shadowbane.

Internal Changes :

- Made source en estimate notes better understandable and more structured.
- Cleaned up obsolete data.

If the charts do not update for you try the following :

- Right click on the link of the chart with your mouse and open it in a new window or in a new tab.
- Refresh/Reload ( F5 ) the page.
- Now you should see the correct version number 4.1 in the bottom right corner of the chart.
- Once you have reloaded 1 chart, all the others should be updated as well.